Ruicen is a UK trained psychotherapist with a private practice in the centre of Toulouse

Ruicen was born and grew up in China.

After attaining her first degree in Law, she worked in this field for a number of years.

At the age of 28, she left her homeland and began to travel, backpacking, hitchhiking, and cycling. Over the course of three years, she saw some parts of the world and experienced a rainbow of different cultures, traditions, and philosophies of life.

In 2010, she arrived in London where she embarked on a two-year training programme in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regent’s University (Postgraduate Diploma granted by the University of Wales). In the meantime, motivated by her personal interests, she also studied at The Society of Analytical Psychology, The Guild of Analytical Psychologists, and The Institute of Psychoanalysis. Following the completion of her training and studies, she worked as a psychotherapist at NHS (National Health Service) before moving to France in 2015, where she established her own private psychotherapy practice.

Since she has lived both in the East and the West, she is familiar with both of the cultures. Through the ‘meeting’ of these two cultures within herself, she has learnt to value differences and diversities, to which she has developed a great sensitivity.

She likes to discover, a caterpillar, a sparkle in an eye, a drawing of her son……whatever it is. It is the discovery itself that brings her the pure joy and a sense of awe towards life.

She continues to grow as a person, a woman, a mother, a psychotherapist……in harmony with time which is passing like the rolling piano notes.

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling from University of Wales