English Psychotherapy with Qualified Psychotherapist Ruicen Liu

Face-to-face or Online

Identifiant SIRET: 850 132 036 00011

People consider having psychotherapy because

They feel depressed, haunted by a sense of emptiness that permeates their lives.
Maybe they struggle to find the motivation for their daily tasks, or even the desire to live.

Feeling anxious and confused, they might find it impossible to have peace of mind.

They might feel disappointed with life, and feel unable to find any balance, direction or meaning.

Issues may arise from the challenge that they encounter in their relationships.
Or from the fact that they do not have a relationship.

It might be that they are facing a loss or bereavement, illness or other setbacks.

Difficulties could also stem from the physical relocation from their homeland.

Other People come to psychotherapy because

They need help to understand and to change a behaviour which they find compulsive and unhealthy.
For example an addiction, obsessive thoughts or fantasies, or an eating disorder.

It may be that they need support in dealing with the implications of physical or sexual abuse.

Perhaps they have some troubling dreams which they wish to comprehend more deeply.

Or they want to understand a physical symptom which they sense has a psychological cause.